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The alluring charm of Valdarno Superiore, pearl of Tuscany
The spectacular balze and much more

Not many people know about this breathtaking scenery but everyone has seen it as it was made immortal in the background of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpieces, the Mona Lisa and the Virgin of the Rocks. We are talking about the balze of Valdarno Superiore, huge sculptures created from sand, clay and gravel, and shaped by the wind and rain in a place where millions of years ago, there was a huge lake whose banks were located on the slopes of Chianti and Pratomagno. One of the best viewpoints where you can admire them from is of course, the small village of Piantravigne.

But which other treasures are hidden among the valley that goes from Florence to Arezzo, or rather the spectacular land where we can also find the exclusive The Mall Firenze store?

Traced by the Etruscans and redeveloped by the Romans, it runs through the entire valley. The bridges – more than seven and all made of stone – are mostly humpback bridges with a single arch. The most famous one is Ponte Buriano, which can be seen near Mona Lisa’s shoulder and has instead seven arches.

A magnificent example of Moorish art with an abundance of colours and Arab decorations. You can only visit the interior on special occasions or by reservation, but a visit to the surrounding gardens is possible – among the largest in Tuscany with many different botanical species and redwoods growing to more than 50 metres high – is a memorable experience.

And here, next to the beautiful parish church of San Pietro a Cascia, we can find the Museo Masaccio which houses the first masterpiece painted by the great Tuscan artist who was born in nearby San Giovanni Valdarno.

It is one of the most beautiful villages in Valdarno Superiore with watermills, including the oldest one in Tuscany, still in operation.

The entire valley is full of ancient Roman parishes, this one being the oldest was consecrated in 774 and declared a national monument.

A charming medieval village perched on a high rock spur on the slopes of Pratomagno and an exclusive wine resort.

Nature, history and art all within one hour from the luxury mall.

(ph. cover: Alicolor; Pratomagno: Marco Salmoiraghi – Unsplash)

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