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A weekend in Noli
Everything you need to know about the ancient Maritime Republic, just one hour away from The Mall Sanremo

Church of San Paragorio
Noli, along with the better-known Genoa, Venice, Pisa and Amalfi, shares a glorious past as a maritime republic. Established on 7 August 1192, with a deed signed in the Romanesque church of San Paragorio, inside are 15th-century frescoes and a 13th-century crucifix.
Co-cathedral of St Peter
Also called ‘St Peter’s Church of the Fishermen’, as it was built using votive donations given to prevent shipwrecks. The Romanesque walls perfectly show the rich Baroque reconstruction.
Medieval Towers
There used to be more than 70 towers, with a stone base and an upper part of reddish brick. Today, only five remain: the tower of the Four Corners, at 38 metres it is the tallest in Noli; the tower of the Town Hall, slightly shorter; the Peluffo’s severed tower; the small (about 20 metres) tower of Papone; the tower-door of San Giovanni, one of the ancient entrances to the village; and the tower of Via Transylvania, integrated between the houses.
Loggia of the Republic
This is where a number of plaques testify to the passage of such figures as Dante Alighieri, Christopher Columbus and Giordano Bruno.
Church of St Francis of Assisi
Built in the 13th century just outside the city walls, it has an adjoining monastic complex and 17th-century restorations.
Monte Ursino Castle
Dominating Noli from on high is the ancient fortification that runs along Monte Ursino. Built in the 10th century after a great fire that forced the inhabitants of Noli to rebuild the village on the hill, which Dante probably refers to in the Divine Comedy when he uses Noli as an example to describe the difficulty of the climb up Purgatory mountain.
The Mediterranean Sea
Medieval or not, Noli is also a fishing village, where seine net fishing is still practised. The beautiful sea between the characteristic cliffs of Capo Noli – with the famous Grotta dei Falsari nearby – and the Bergeggi Regional Nature Reserve, boast white cliffs and coves with crystal-clear water.

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