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The beautiful Bergeggi Regional Nature Reserve
A paradise just one hour from The Mall Sanremo

A treasure chest of biodiversity, history and legends. An unspoiled sea where you can dive, snorkel, swim, sail, windsurf, canoe, fish and hike. In addition, there is a small village, with its typical little alleys and ancient dry stone walls. We are in Bergeggi and its beautiful nature reserve, a coastal area dotted with cliffs full of caves and small coves, just an hour from The Mall Sanremo.

Among the crystal-clear waters of the Bergeggi Reserve lies an island of the same name. A small but striking cone of limestone rock, reaching 53 meters in altitude, it was once a refuge for monastic communities. The island preserves a remarkable historical and archaeological record, including the remains of an early Christian church from the 5th-6th centuries and a two-nave Romanesque building from the 11th century.

Opening from the cliff face of Punta Grotte, the Grotta Marina is the best-known sea cave in Liguria. Frequented since antiquity, numerous paleontological artefacts dating back to the Neolithic period have been found inside. There is a large main cavity into which the sea enters and some branches located at higher levels.

A limestone cavity of over 400 meters in length, discovered by chance in 1870 during excavation work on the railway tunnel through the Bergeggi promontory. In the initial section one can still see the black soot produced by steam trains (currently not open to visitors).

In addition to the long shoreline of the Bergeggi Beach, here we find two of the most beautiful beaches in Western Liguria: the Punta Pròdani Beach, a small cove nestled between rock walls that can be reached only by boat, and the Beach of the Sirens, which can be reached by a staircase of about 300 steps that descends from the highway.

The largest cork oak forest in west-central Liguria, with trees reaching nine to ten meters in height.

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