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Zàini, a sweet story from Milan
The great chocolate and confectionary factory established in 1913

A fairy tale dedicated to connoisseurs of pure sweetness. Once upon a time there was Luigi Zàini who established his Chocolate, Cocoa, Sweets, Jams and similar Factory in Milan in 1913. His dream was to satisfy all desires “all human beings are different, so why not create lots of different chocolates and sweets to please each of them?”.
The skills and enthusiasm that Zàini poured into his company made it an immediate success, so much so that the factory had to be moved from its original location in Via De Cristoforis to Via
Imbonati, where the offices are still located today.

And it was in this factory, the first in Milan, that the famous block of Emilia extra dark chocolate was produced, affectionately named in honour of the Zàini family’s nanny, because it was also thanks to her that Olga Zàini, prematurely widowed in 1938 and with four children to care for, managed to run the company inherited from her husband.
This famous dark chocolate, also available in cocoa, drops and cream, is now part of the history of Italian confectionery production.

The great chocolate factory in Milan celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2013 with the opening of a shop that features its name and history on the sign: Zàini Milano. At No. 5 Via De Cristoforis, you are welcomed by a special atmosphere: portraits of the founding grandparents Luigi and Olga, historical photos, period furniture and a high counter where you can enjoy a fragrant hot chocolate, delicious sweets, gourmet bites for lunch and exclusive cocktails for the evening. All served on fine porcelain and crystal glasses.

And since 2021, Zàini Milano has opened a second location in Viale Piave 17. Same style, same magical atmosphere where you can sense a history of excellence, made up of exclusive products, with the addition of an elegant outdoor area and the chance to enjoy a light, tasty lunch.


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