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The best Easter eggs and colombas in Florence
For a delicious and sweet Easter holiday

Via Roma, 1r
ph. +39 055 213896
A historic pastry shop and café of Florence serving quality products since 1733. The Easter colomba is prepared according to tradition with 36 hours fermentation, crumbly on the outside and soft in the inside. As for the eggs, dark chocolate lovers can enjoy the Extra Dark garnished with cocoa beans and gold leaves, or if you want a real treat, try the Noccioloso al latte completely covered with PGI Piedmont hazelnuts.

Via de’ Vecchietti, 3
Ph. 055 802 5253
The pastry shop of Iginio Massari for Easter is almost compulsory. Besides the traditional milk, dark, white or praline chocolate Easter eggs, you can also try the fabulous raspberry Easter egg. There are also traditional and original colombas such as the persimmon and chocolate colomba and the limited-edition Easter colomba with pistachio or caramel and orange.

Via Calzaiuoli, 65r
ph. +39 055 264339
Venchi has been synonymous with chocolate since 1878. Here you will find Easter eggs for all tastes such as the caramel and almond chocolate Gran Gourmet Easter egg, the vegan friendly 60% dark chocolate Brutto & Buono Easter egg with crunchy whole and lightly toasted hazelnuts, or white chocolate eggs covered with a crunchy layer of whole hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios.

Via del Ponte di Mezzo, 20
ph. +39 055 364034
Claudio and Claudia Pistocchi have been working together in their pastry shop in Florence for almost 30 years. The two siblings love expressing their creativity: the striped Easter egg, the leaf egg or the half Easter egg with pistachio and bunny.

Via Senese, 18r
ph. +39 055 221771
Traditional colombas also available in the gluten-free version, including the chocolate one prepared by dissolving chocolate ganache in the dough and adding chocolate chips. The dough contains vanilla and orange dough. Their latest addition is the colomba with apricots from Vesuvius.

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