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Temakinho Florence Strozzi
Japanese & brasilian food

Temakinho is a chain of Nikkei restaurants, founded in 2012 as a love project focuses on the choice of raw materials and restaurant decò from day one.

Temakinho was the first restaurant in the world to dare a Brazilian and tropical home to Nikkei cuisine, born in Brazil with Japanese immigration, creating a concept restaurant where fusion cuisine meets contemporary design and where everything is tied, in the decorations, in smells, in colors. There are many ingredients that have offered the success of Temakinho, above all, the offer of a new, exotic and high quality product. To furnish restaurants, Temakinho is inspired above all by the culture and colors of Brazil, and then above all by nature. The style is eclectic, the result of a creativity that brings together elements that belong to still different, without following the trends but in the end, creating new ones. Since its first opening, Temakinho has always paid a lot of attention to eco-sustainability, the option is not necessarily the simplest option but in line with our values. Temakinho stands out for this commitment that anticipates the safeguarding of the planet from purely commercial interests, and has intercepted the needs of an audience that is increasingly attentive to ethical nutrition and issues related to environmental sustainability.

Temakies are prepared right after the order by the chefs at Temakinho to guarantee the crispiness of the seaweed. The rice comes from controlled farming and its cooked daily. All the fish is rigorously fresh and slaughtered according to current standards in order to guarantee all the healthy properties and making it a meal suitable for everybody.  Unquestionably, the queen of all drinks at Temakinho is the caipirinha which is prepared using the best Brazilian cachaças, sugar, lime and fresh fruit pulp. Bartenders at Temakinho believe that the secret of the quality in our caipirinha is an intangible element given by the saudade (nostalgia) and the cheerfulness that only the expert hands of a Brazilian hearted bartender can transfer into a cocktail.

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