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SPA of Tuscany: Saturnia
Winter wellness

At the foot of the eponymous medieval village in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, lie 120 hectares of wellness: the history of Terme di Saturnia has evolved around the ancient Spring of the Resort, which regales us a thermal water of great potency, one which has no equal anywhere in the world.

This is the land of an authentic, natural and storied beauty. Mythology would have it that Saturn, the god of peace and abundance, lost his patience one day on seeing the constant warfare of men. So, he took a thunderbolt and hurled it into the crater of a volcano, causing a river of hot sulphurous water to gush forth and flow through valleys, mountains and plains, to envelop all men and things so that their spirits were finally quietened. This was the start of a golden age dedicated to Saturn, a happy period, illuminated by the beauty of women and the strength of men, converted to agriculture, hunting and love. The legend was set in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, at Saturnia,where the spring water still gushes out at a constant temperature of 37°C.

For 3,000 years this spring water has gushed uninterruptedly from the centre of the earth, inside a crater at a temperature of 37° C. The  constant flow of 500 litres per second enables the thermal water to retain its beneficial qualities without any need for external  manipulation. For 40 years it travels underground to resurface in the natural spring in front of the Resort.

Resulting from the conversion of an ancient building in travertine, for 100 years the elegant 5-star resort has embraced the ancient thermal water spring. Its 130 rooms decorated in a way that harmonizes with the natural and architectural context of the location, are defined by the understated colours of wood and travertine, to reconcile the linearity of a contemporary style with the Tuscan tradition. Here, every detail speaks of wellness: the Maremma countryside which seems to have no bounds, the sounds of nature, a water which regenerates the body, Tuscan cuisine.

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