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Sanremo Casino
A piece of history from 1905

Since 1905 the Sanremo Casino has been the symbol of the city, an imposing and artistically remarkable building in Liberty Decò style rising in the city centre.

Its halls have hosted and hosted the Gotha of politics, of Knowledge and entertainment in the flow of the last 114 years, leaving memory and strengthening the corporate image. Rooms made unique by glamor and allure, which all of this has created, together with an elegance reinforced by artistic styles, which from era to era have been chosen and applied. Recently, the Privata room, the Golden Room and the De Santis room have been restored to their former glory and made safer, and were visited by Vittorio Emanuele III, Luigi Pirandello, but also by Nobel Prizes, writers and journalists and the greatest artists of the last hundred years.

The heart of the Sanremo Casino houses one of the most elegant and noble theatres in Liguria. In the 1930s, the artistic direction was entrusted to the illustrious writer Luigi Pirandello and his great cultural tradition continues today in the name of highly prestigious cultural, musical and theatrical events. The Casino theatre saw the birth of the Italian song festival in 1951, a song festival that has since become a national favourite. Since 1976 the event has been transferred to the nearby Teatro Ariston.

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