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Osteria Perillà in Val D’Orcia
Exclusive dinners

Bringing you the perfect combination of history and modern taste, the Osteria Perillà is located in the middle of a medieval village. Their simple yet refined gastronomic dishes draw on the exquisite products of the Podere Forte – the local vegetable garden.

The rooms of Perillà Osteria were renovated at the beginning of 2017, resulting in a dining room that is embellished with works of art, from which you can enjoy a pleasant view of the typically Tuscan medieval village. During the warmer months, the outdoor terrace lets you have lunch under the shade of pine trees, surrounded by white hydrangeas. The wine cellar, located along the path from the kitchen to the ancient prisons of the building, preserves the finest varieties of wine both domestic and foreign, the result of a meticulous selection. The kitchen, partially visible through a large window, lets you see the chef and his brigade at work.

The Osteria Perillà logo is a tuning fork which vibrates to the sound of A, regulating and creating a perfect harmony between musical instruments. Like flowing waves and sound, at the centre of the symbol are three circles representing Nature, Man and the Art of Cooking. The lower end of the tuning fork appears to be amplifying sounds, and has the shape of a sacred almond, the icon of the Podere Forte of Rocca d’Orcia, the farm from which Perillà Osteria draws most of the raw materials and ingredients needed to prepare their specialties. The Kilometer Perillà is the cornerstone of good food. Dishes prepared daily offer you the genuine freshness of aromas and flavours which are brought forward in each dish by great know-how.

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