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Local gastronomic specialties from the Versilia area

The culinary tradition of Versilia is strongly conditioned by the geographical position in which this territory is located. The union between the sea and the Apuan Alps has created a mix of contrasting flavors that generates unique and memorable dishes.

Moving to the beaches, which are the main summer destination in this area, the offer is mainly enriched with products from the coast.

But let’s go into detail on the specialties to taste if you plan to spend a holiday in Versilia.

For those who prefer fish-based cuisine, spaghetti coi nicchi is the first not to be missed. The niches in Viareggio are the clams, small molluscs that are taken with a rake a few meters from the shoreline. Just cook them in a pan with oil, garlic, chilli and parsley, until they are opened, then add the pasta and sauté it in the pan, a delicacy!

Speaking of first courses how not to mention the Versilia tordelli, yes you read well with the “d”. It is easy to find them inland and they are ideal for those looking for flavorful foods. They are stuffed with meat, chard, spices and thyme, they are seasoned with ragù.

Among the other culinary proposals we have the cecina which corresponds to the chickpea porridge, a recipe historically contested between Tuscany and Liguria. In Versilia you can find very good ones.

As mentioned initially in this area, the most popular dishes are those that combine the flavors of the sea with those of the earth, such as risotto with cuttlefish and chard, spannocchi (typical crustacean) with beans and cacciucco in a less spicy version in comparison with that of Livorno.

The gastronomic specialties are many and equally wide is the offer of catering between starred clubs and trattorias that preserve traditional tastes.

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