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Liguria’s best olive oils
The producers to choose to make your dishes special

With its ancient olive groves perched high above the sea, Liguria produces oil with unique characteristics, such as the typical hint of sweetness from the celebrated Taggiasca olive, particularly dominant all along the Ligurian Riviera.

Here’s our top list of olive oils you really must try:

Extremum Single variety Taggiasca by Paolo Cassini

In Isolabona in the province of Imperia, seven hectares of ancient Taggiasca olive trees planted by Benedictine monks in the 13th century produce a medium-fruity oil with great character and outstanding notes of grass and artichoke, both spicy and bitter.

Via Roma 62 – Isolabona (IM)
Tel. +39 0184 208159

Olio Roi by the Boeri family

In the heart of Valle Argentina, 15,000 trees have produced Olio Roi, a light and fragrant Taggiasca extra virgin oil, for four generations. Variants include a cru made from a special selection of olives harvested by hand from the groves of the historic Circolo Golf degli Ulivi in Sanremo.

Via Argentina Sud 1 – Badalucco (IM)
Tel. +39 0184 408004

Single variety Razzola by Belfiore

We travel to the Luni hills near La Spezia, at an altitude of some 200 metres. Here, three of the six hectares of the Belfiore estate are entirely devoted to the Razzola variety, which produces a celebrated single-variety oil of a distinctive golden yellow colour with green highlights. The bouquet is bold and lasting, the flavour full-bodied and elegant.

Via Montefrancio 156 – Castelnuovo magra (SP)
Tel. +39 335 5637888

Pria Grossa single variety Colombaia by Domenico Ruffino

Overlooking the sea at Varigotti near Finale Ligure, the centuries-old olive grove tended like a beloved son by Domenico Ruffino receives the salty sea winds all winter and produces an oil that’s  green, clear and brilliant. The aroma is reminiscent of cut grass; the flavour is bitter with a spicy warmth in the throat; the sensation is captivating.

Via del Borriolo 9 – Varigotti (SV)
Tel. +39 348 4521161

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