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Le Chiavi d’Oro restaurant in Arezzo
Tradition, innovation and taste

In the historic centre of Arezzo, the Chiavi d’Oro restaurant embodies tradition, innovation and taste in a refined and welcoming environment.

Style and culture blend in tradition. Set in an exceptional venue, the restaurant embodies the refined flavours of Italian gastronomy. With a privileged position in Piazza San Francesco – one of the most significant squares in the city of the poet Petrarca – Le Chiavi d’Oro restaurant has an elegant style and fine furnishings that enhance the intrinsic beauty of the place. To prove it, the most illustrious Italian and international design magazine ELLE DECOR issued an article about the restaurant.

Le Chiavi d’Oro Restaurant was established in August 2007, from the common passion of three siblings Teresa, Giovanna and Francesco. After years of experience in the family restaurant, the Stilo brothers decided to take up a challenge in one of the most beautiful squares in Arezzo. The beauty of Arezzo is masterfully expressed in the full flavour of the dishes, prepared according to exquisite taste and much appreciated by customers.

The name Chiavi d’Oro is historically linked to the palace of the illustrious Grand Hotel – Hotel Royale-Ci devant, Les clefs d’Or – which welcomed distinguished personalities in Arezzo from the 1890s to the 1970s. If you are looking for a noteworthy restaurant that looks after its customers, you’ll find it here, combined with a healthy cuisine made of seasonal dishes presented in a natural and simple way.

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