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Historic Tennis Clubs in Tuscany
Where sport meets tradition

Tennis is certainly one of the most popular activities in recent years. Tuscany offers many structures with historic playgrounds where sport meets tradition.

But let’s go into the details of the tennis courts where you should happen if you like red clay, here is our list.

  • Montecatini Tennis Club. In 1926 a group of young people from good families, in the wake of an xenophile fashion, built and founded the “Lawn Tennis Club Montecatini” affiliated with Coni. The dress code granted consisted of long trousers, shirts and strictly white shoes, the only frivolity allowed was the cream or blue golf with red or blue stripes. In 2000, long trousers gave way to colored shorts and shirts but the spirit is still that of the pioneers of the 1920s.
  • Il Circolo Tennis Firenze 1898. It was founded in 1898 on the initiative of 30 founding members, partly Florentine and partly English. It is the fifth Italian structure to register with the Italian Lawn Tennis Association established in Rome on April 16, 1894. At the beginning it was played directly on the lawn, then two clay courts were built and in 1900 the building in classical style was donated. work of the Florentine architect Pietro Berti, whose facade, with some modifications, is the one we can see even today. Since 2004 the Circolo Tennis Firenze has become part of the Club dei Centenari, an association which includes just over thirty of the most beautiful and important realities in the world.
  • Match Ball Firenze Country Club. It was founded in 1974 and, with its 16 fields surrounded by greenery, a Club House full of services, the swimming pool, the gym and its enviable environmental context, it is the most equipped and evocative club in the Tuscan capital. . However, over the years, the spirit that has characterized all the choices and events connected to the practice of a sober, elegant and formative sport like tennis has never changed. A soul nourished by the pleasure of being together with friends in free time, a fundamental time for the quality of life today.
  • Forte dei Marmi Tennis Club. This game made its first appearance in Forte dei Marmi in the first decade of the twentieth century, when the English sculptor Francis William Sargant built a private court on his grounds around today’s Via Carducci and Via Venti Settembre. Here he will learn his first steps Paolo Bertolucci, winner, with Panatta, of the Davis Cup in Chile in 1976. Then other structures were born, first of all that of the Forte dei Marmi tennis club, frequented by the best customers of the Capannina di Franceschi.
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