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Filippo restaurant in Pietrasanta
Modern cuisine and art meet in Versilia

The Filippo restaurant in Pietrasanta is a point of reference for resturarnts in Versilia. Its menu offers dishes with simple but tasty flavors, tied to tradition and revisited with inspiration, rigorously created with natural ingredients at “km 0”.

Filippo Di Bartola, owner of the restaurant, is a “Versilian doc” who has decided to put his experience at the forefront after many years of work in the restaurant sector. After a two and a half year gourmet experience with Mud resturant Filippo decides to return to his origins with a traditional but at the same time modern cuisine. As Filippo himself says: “Instinct is the basis of the choices that have determined my life.” For Filippo, the man and the restaurant, it is essential to be in the first person next to his customers because only those who conceive the idea can have the strength to pass it on to others.

The recipes are built over time: from the meatballs, which often accompany the aperitif, to the roast beef and from the tortelli alla lucchese to the fish in a salt crust without neglecting a raw original. A modern place that focuses on raw materials and clean flavors.

Filippo restaurant grew together with Pietrasanta, with its bars, shops and galleries. But above all with the artists who live there and with the gallery owners who are in part the engine of this city. An intense link with the art that Filippo wanted to bring inside his restaurant: to give value to food as nourishment and cultural enrichment.

The mood is to take the time to live the kitchen and the table, creating a restaurant where you are, you make long stops, you don’t come to taste or consume and the result is measured by the dishes that remain empty.

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