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Bagno Vignoni, thermal baths in Val D’Orcia
Wellness springs

The medieval village of Bagno Vignoni is famous for the Piazza delle Sorgenti, where a thermal spring with countless therapeutic properties has been gushing out for 2000 years. This gift of nature gave birth to the Baths, at the heart of the Val d’Orcia.

The history of Bagno Vignoni is closely linked to the thermal springs on which this village was built in ancient times. The Piazza delle Sorgenti was built in the 16th century as a pool from which the thermal waters still flow today. Its waters were already used by the Romans, thanks to their position near the Via Francigena. The baths were visited by famous people from all walks of life, from Saint Catherine of Siena, Pope Pius II and Lorenzo the Magnificent, up to Russian director Tarkovskji. Despite the centuries of war and devastation, Bagno Vignoni still preserves the appearance and charm of medieval splendor.

Beyond the hills covered with olive trees that surround the village of Bagno Vignoni, downstream from the village, the source is channeled into the central pool and used to flow into five ancient mills dug into the rock, brought to light and only recently restored.

The charm of Bagno Vignoni is still irresistible today, making it a place where time seems to have stopped. The thermal water of Bagno Vignoni is rich in salts, calcium, iron carbonates, sodium and magnesium sulphates. It was appreciated as far back as the Roman times for its ability to heal bones, mucous membranes and for toning the skin.

The Albergo le Terme is located at the heart of Bagno Vignoni in an ancient palace from the 1400s whose premises, designed by Rossellino, were used as a summer holiday home by Pope Pius II Piccolomini. The building overlooks the thermal water pool from which water flows at a temperature of 49°C.

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