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Arezzo: etruscan jewel
discovering the Tuscan town

Arezzo is one of the richest cities in art and history, a real jewel that has nothing to envy to the other Tuscan sisters.
Arriving in Arezzo is like making a journey through time in which the atmosphere and gastronomy are the mirror of the welcoming and generous people. Home of Giorgio Vasari, Piero della Francesca and Petrarca, it is a treasure chest to be discovered.

There are many attractions not to be missed: from the squares to the churches, from the ancient fairs to the culinary specialties of the area, without forgetting to visit the surroundings of the Arezzo hills. We offer you a list of our favorite places that will lead you in search of the main destinations to see, to live a unique experience in the Etruscan capital.

Piazza Grande is the hub of the city, today it hosts the famous monthly antiques market and the renowned Giostra del Saracino which takes place twice a year. Its peculiarity lies in the slope, with a difference in height of at least 10 meters, which was designed to channel rainwater. It is the ideal place to have a coffee or an aperitif and admire the Vasari loggia and the tower houses that stand out from the rooftops.
Continuing the itinerary in the historic center, you will arrive at the Duomo, with the unmistakable tower, located at the top of a stone staircase. From the elevated position you can admire a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside.

Lovers of sacred art cannot miss the Basilica of San Francesco, whose interior is covered with magnificent frescoes. Among all stands out the “Legend of the True Cross” by Piero della Francesca, considered one of the great masterpieces of Italian Renaissance art.
The Giostra del Saracino is one of the events to which the people of Arezzo are most connected. It takes place on the penultimate Saturday of June at night and the first Sunday of September during the day. As for nearby Siena, Piazza Grande comes alive with the teams of the four districts, here the knights in medieval costumes must hit the “Buratto” shield with a spear, without being hit in turn by the puppet of the Saracen.

Antiques enthusiasts, during the first weekend of the month, will be able to participate in La Fiera Antiquaria: an immense market that attracts many visitors.

Arezzo certainly has a lot to offer its tourists. Not only the city but also the province is full of villages and castles that have played an important role in the history of Tuscany. All that remains is to allow yourself a weekend to discover this gem and live a unique experience.

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