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Abetone and Val di Luce in winter
A short guide for skiers (and others)

Whether you are skiers or snowboarders, lovers of snowshoeing, or, why not, just nature or the comforting cuisine offered by mountain lodges, Abetone is the place for you, and this article is what you need to enjoy it to the full.


The Abetone-Val di Luce ski area includes 50 kilometres of pistes and 22  ski lifts, accessible with a single skipass.

It is divided into three areas:

  • The first consists mainly of the historic SellettaFivizzan and Riva facilities.
  • The second includes the Stucchi and Pulicchio slopes on the Emilian side, and the three Zeno runs designed by the famous skier, Zeno Colò – Zeno 1, black (the only one in the area) and therefore only for experts, Zeno 2, red, and Zeno 3, blue, and so also suitable for beginners, but that doesn’t mean it’s less exciting, rather it is considered one of the most attractive runs in Italy
  • The third is Val di Luce, comprising four main tracks: Passo d’AnnibaleAlpe delle tre PotenzeMonte Gomito, and Sprella.

For cross-country skiing fans, there are two circuits: the first starts a short distance from Abetone town centre and runs through the woods along the Maiori trail, while the second is in the Maresca area and starts from Casetta dei Pulledrari before entering the Teso Forest.


There are 4 main routes:

  • Anello del Maiori: 2 hours, undemanding, from Abetone town square to the slopes of Monte Libro Aperto.
  • Abetone – Verginetta – Boscolungo: 2 hours 30 minutes, undemanding, through the Monte Maiori woods.
  • Anello del Doni: 1 hour 30 minutes, easy walk around Abetone town.
  • Lago Nero: 1 hour 30 minutes, undemanding but with some more technical tracts, from the Orto Botanico to Lago Nero.


The cult address for accommodation and special wellness treatments is Val di Luce Spa Resort, literally a stone’s throw from Passo di Annibale, from where the Jolly, Sprella and Abetina pistes can be reached.

Those who want to enjoy an unforgettable view, some peace and quiet or something warm to eat, should make sure to visit Rifugio La SellettaBaita Pulicchio or Rifugio Ovovia.

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