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A weekend on the Etruscan Coast
Villages, sea and excellent wine: What to see and do in Alta Maremma

Alta Maremma, the Etruscan Coast. You can call it what you want, but located between the sea with its heady wines, old villages and traces of civilisations and cultures dating back to ancient times, this “corner” of Tuscany has a charm that captivates you.

“Tall straight in double row”. It is here that you will find the long avenue of cypresses cited by Carducci, an iconic image of the land, which probably makes Bolgheri its most beautiful jewel. The entrance to the village is through its thirteenth-century castle and behind it, the village streets go off in different directions lined with typical shops and restaurants. However, what makes this destination world famous is its production of wine, mostly the prestigious Sassicaia from the San Guido wine estate.

(ph. Filippo Vicini – Unsplash)

A charming village named after the famous poet who spent his childhood there, and where today many international celebrities come to visit and remain spellbound. Perched on top of a small hill and not to be missed is its viewpoint with sweeping views over the sea. The castle – built in the year 1000 – has a unique curved shape with small circular ring roads that have been built around it.

(ph. Alessandro Corsoni)

Once you leave the wide stretches of sand of Versilia, you will be in the heart of Alta Maremma with its wild beaches full of small dunes, magnificent marine pines, and incredibly beautiful beaches such as the Gulf of Baratti. It is here that we find the only Etruscan city-state overlooking the sea, Populonia. Today, it is a fascinating Archaeological Park whose treasures are the Acropolis and the Necropolises of San Cerbone and the Caves along with its large mounds such as Tomba dei Carri, and tombs dug into the rock.

(ph. Alessandro Moggi)

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