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What to see and do on the Island of Elba
The most beautiful beaches and much more

With 150 km of coastline, Elba is the largest island in the Tuscan archipelago. By ferry it’s only 15 minutes if you dock in Cavo, and about 40 minutes for Portoferraio or Rio Marina. The departure is from the port of Piombino, which is two hours from The Mall Firenze. But trust us, it is worth the trip!

(from West to East)

Perhaps the most famous beach on the island. White sand and turquoise water.

Cotoncello Beach
Beach opening onto a small inlet surrounded by smooth white granite cliffs.

Crocetta Beach
A beautiful cove accessible via a rather steep path with steps carved into the rock (hence the name ‘beach of a hundred steps’).

Lamaia Beach
A small, wild, emerald-coloured cove, easily reached along the fitness track “Sentiero della salute

Acquaviva Beach
One glance at the turquoise, transparent and vibrant colour of the sea is enough to understand its name given by the old inhabitants of Elba.

Cala dei Frati
The hours of direct sunshine are limited, but from mid-morning to after lunch it has more than one could desire even from a Caribbean beach.


Marciana Marina
One of the few ancient villages on the seashore, from here you can take a cableway to the top of Monte Capanne.

Splendid city walls, Medici fortifications, Roman villas and the Villa dei Mulini, where Napoleon spent his exile.

Perched on a hill, the colourful village offers breathtaking views.

Porto Azzurro
Here the beautiful Piazza Matteotti is called “the living room of Elba”. One of the most popular villages for spending the evening.


Monte Capanne
The highest peak on the island (1019 metres). Trekking with spectacular views of the archipelago.

Monte Calamita
Protected by Unesco for its mineralogical abundance and variety, Monte Calamita (about 400 metres above sea level) offers ideal hiking and biking trails.

Parco Minerario
Created where iron was once mined, today the park offers guided tours (also by train or off-road vehicle) and other interesting activities.

(ph. Bjor Agerbeek – Unsplash, Vaidotas Mišeikis)

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