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The wonders of the Argentario
Enchanting villages, crystal-clear water and unspoilt nature

Connected to the mainland by three isthmuses, the Argentario promontory is an irresistible mix of magnificent sea, fascinating history and small villages. 2 and a half hours from The Mall Firenze, here are the wonders that await you.

Lying on the central isthmus, Orbetello looks almost like a small island. Its symbol is the Spanish mill, actually built by the Sienese in the 15th century. Its beautiful lagoon is a paradise for birdwatchers.

The capital of the promontory, Porto Santo Stefano is a lively and colourful port from which ferries leave for the islands of Giglio and Giannutri. Its historic centre is perched on a hill that can be reached by climbing long staircases between buildings. Not to be missed is the beautiful promenade, full of clubs and restaurants. The 17th century Spanish Fortress dominates the town.

A beautiful village protected by two hills, its historic center is accessed through a Gothic-style arch. Together with Porto Santo Stefano, it is the most popular destination for evenings on the Argentario.
Not far away is the most spectacular of the Spanish fortresses: Forte Stella, so called because of its peculiar shape.

La Feniglia, a very long beach with shallow and silky seabed close to the Dune Reserve; Spiaggia Lunga, with a view of the large rock called ‘l’Isolotto’; Spiaggia dell’Acqua Dolce, a beautiful cove immersed in the Mediterranean maquis evergreen shrubs; Le Cannelle, dominated by a medieval tower; the pristine Dead Sea cove; Cala del Gesso, due to its beauty one of the most sought-after beaches despite the approximately 800-metre long path with 130-metre descent needed to reach it; and finally, Bagni di Domiziano, with the remains of the Roman residence of the Domizi Enobarbi family.

Monte Argentario, with trails for long, scenic walks and the Nature Reserve of Duna Feniglia, a six-kilometre green haven of fresh pine forest.

(ph. Alessio Ciavattini – Cristina Gottardi – Paolo Comai – Marco a Faccini)

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