The most picturesque villages of Maremma
Alluring experiences among history, nature and food tasting


Nestled on a tufa rock cliff, Pitagliano is certainly the most picturesque of the Maremma villages. It is called “the little Jerusalem”, first for its large Jewish community which settled here in the fifteenth century and still bustling today – do not miss a visit to the synagogue and make sure you try the typical products such as unleavened bread and Kosher wine – and secondly for its houses, also made of tufa which make them look quite spectacular. Before or after you visit the old town, make sure you walk through the hollow Vie Cave, a path carved out of the rock by the Etruscans, which reaches Sovana and its incredible archaeological site, bordering also the village of Sorano and the rocky settlement of Vitozza.


Small, but very charming, it is the highest and oldest part of Capalbio. You can appreciate it by going on a nice walk along its surrounding walls before tasting some local delicacies in one of its excellent restaurants.

(photo: Leif Carlson)


Going in the direction of the sea, you can find Castiglione della Pescaia with its beautiful castle from where you can admire spectacular views. Just steps away is the Parish Church of San Giovanni Battista with its bell tower resting on a circular-shaped tower, which was once used for military purposes.


Despite what its name would lead one to think, we are not near the sea but in a medieval village up in the hills. The magnificent Cathedral of San Cerbone is one of the most beautiful Romanesque churches in Tuscany as well as the square next to it. It is where on the fourth Sunday of May and the second of August, the Balestro del Girifalco takes place, a traditional competition between the crossbowmen of the districts of the city.

(photo: Paolo Comai)


Instead, keeping to its name is this little village that stands on a rocky hill with typical stone houses, and at the top you will find its ancient castle, once owned by the powerful Aldobrandini family.

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