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The Japanese garden of Monte Carlo
A break between nature and relaxation

In the heart of the Principality of Monaco there is a small oasis of nature and relaxation with an oriental flavor, we are talking about the Zen Garden of Monte Carlo, wanted by Prince Ranieri III in honor of Princess Grace Kelly.

The atmosphere is almost surreal as we are in the most built-up part of the city, and it is precisely here that the natural park designed by the landscape architect Yasuo Beppu extends over 7000 square meters. The size in itself is not huge if compared to our conception of park, but is instead very large in reference to the average Japanese gardens.

Regardless of the different styles that a Japanese garden can have, the goal that unites them all is the search for harmony, each element, even the most insignificant one, has the purpose of creating a sense of balance and has a symbolic value. Like the red bridge that represents happiness and leads to the islands that represent the gods.

The continuous alternation of trees and plants of different shades, streams and perfectly smooth stones give the space a relaxing atmosphere for the mind and sight. All this is aimed at the representation, in miniature, of all the elements that make up nature such as beaches, lakes, mountains, meadows etc.

If the bamboo used for the construction parts, such as the Tea House or the Master Gate, was imported directly from Japan, this is not the case with regard to vegetation. The peculiarity, which at first glance may seem a weak point, is that the plants are European because the microclimate is different from that of Japan. Architect Yasao Beppu cultivated and cut them for 3 years before they were ready to reproduce real Japanese plants almost perfectly. A real demonstration of Zen spirit!

Admission is free and opening hours are from 9AM to 5.45PM or 6.45PM (depending on the season).

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