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The Grotte del vento
A hidden gem of The Garfagnana

The Grotta del Vento is located in the north of Tuscany, in Garfagnana, in the center of the Apuan Alps Park, in an area rich in spectacular and interesting karst phenomena. Here the atmospheric agents incessantly dig, sculpt and shape the limestone rocks, giving rise to majestic natural sculptures, such as the Panie massif, the huge natural arch of Monte Forato or the stone waterfalls and crevasses of the Vetricia Plateau.
Immersed in this evocative setting, the Grotta del Vento presents an exceptional variety of aspects of underground karstism ranging from stalactites and living and shining stalagmites, to ponds, streams, erosion forms, mud formations and even perfectly vertical wells that can be visited with comfortable paths.

Whoever visits the cave during the summer, when the armored door is opened, is amazed by the violence of the wind that comes from the bowels of the mountain. The entrances are in fact two: the lower one, the current tourist entrance, opens at 642 meters above sea level, the upper one is located at over 1400 meters high, on the opposite side of the mountain. During the winter the situation is reversed: the warmer indoor air, which is lighter than the external one, rises quickly, causing the lower inlet to draw cold air that warms up as it enters, keeping the circulation active. The main features of this marvel of nature are the extreme variety and brilliance of the concretions, which make this cavity a real natural museum on deep karst. For lovers of strong sensations, it is possible to perform, under the guidance of expert speleologists and in conditions of absolute safety, an adrenaline-fueled “adventure itinerary” with climbing on the wall, ladders and rope descents in a vacuum. Helmets with headlamp and special harnesses are provided by the guide.

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