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The breathtaking islands of Tuscany
Explore one of Italy’s most beautiful archipelagos

Tuscany possesses an archipelago that not everyone has heard of. A real paradise with such crystal- clear water where you are likely to see dolphins, fin whales and other cetaceans. There are 7 islands, one more beautiful than the other.

Elba Island

Although this is the largest of the islands with the most tourists, you can still find hidden coves and unspoilt beaches with pastel-coloured villages and ancient mines. Portoferraio is a little gem with residences dating back to the Napoleonic era, fortresses and the stunning beaches of Sansone and Cala dei Frati. There is, of course, Marciana Marina with La Crocetta beach and the small Lamaia cove as well as Porto Azzurro, Capoliveri, Campo nell’Elba and nearby Fetovaia, considered one of the island’s most beautiful beaches.

Giglio Island

Here there are only three small villages: Giglio Castello with the iconic Aldobrandeschi fortress, Giglio Campese, where you can find the largest beach on the island, as well as the Pertuso beach with its small narrow opening, hence its name. An even more isolated one is the Arenella beach, a few minutes’ walk from the last village of Giglio Porto, which is also close to Cala dello Smeraldo.

Capraia and Giannutri Islands

Capraia, which is of volcanic origin, is closer to Corsica than Italy. With its steep jagged coastline, it is a paradise for those who enjoy snorkelling and rocks. Perhaps, Giannutri, the southernmost island of the archipelago is even more tranquil and unspoilt, with only one beach located in Cala Maestra and a Roman archaeological site.

Montecristo, Pianosa and Gorgona

These are the most remote islands of the archipelago, and two of them, Pianosa and Gorgana, even house open-air prisons. These Nature reserves of outstanding beauty are accessible by contacting the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago.

The first island is shrouded in mystery based on the novel written by Dumas, the Count of Montecristo. Pianosa takes its name from its flat territory, while Gorgona, the northernmost and smallest one, is mountainous and boasts, among other things, a Frescobaldi vineyard where the prisoners on the island work to produce the wine.

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