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The art and nature of Villa Biener
A small Park Güell by the sea in the province of Imperia

Did you know that in the town of Cipressa, Liguria, there is a small Park Güell? It is Villa Biener, a unique building which features beautiful, original architecture and pieces of art reminiscent of the  more famous park designed by Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona.

Besides the mosaics and sculptures created by Judit Torok and Carlo Maglitto – the two artists who own the villa – there are also about fifty works in its garden by other famous sculptors, including La Grande Madre, the sculpture which has become a symbol of the villa.

The villa was given the name of Judit’s mother, Klara Biener. It is located in a beautiful olive grove with spectacular views of the sea, Corsica and France.

On the ground floor there is a gallery, which along with the garden, it is used as a venue for exhibitions, shows, concerts, lectures and social events.

Visitors can find Pancablu and Pancaverde surrounding the villa, two benches with a sinuous shape, while the small pool features an art piece by Judit on ‘automythology’ made from colourful glass shards.

The Path of the Walls, about 70 metres long and completely covered with mosaics, winds along the gallery; an installation of about ninety ceramic bas-reliefs on its walls created by Judit recounts the life of her family. On another wall, Le Parole is a collection of ceramics and tiles which recalls the first words pronounced by the artist in her childhood.

Another must-see installation is the staircase whose steps are also covered in mosaics and lead onto the beautiful terrace. Once you reach it, do not forget to turn round to see the representation of a female figure appear as if by magic on the steps. It is a depiction of Lilith, a biblical character, who occupies most of the staircase along with many other figures.

If you want, you can also stay in this treasure trove of wonders. Even the rooms are a work of art. The Pessoa room is inspired by the Portuguese poet, the Biedermeier room is furnished with curtains and frescoes, and another one is dedicated to the beat generation.

The villa is open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 3pm to 7pm. A booking is required. For bookings: +39 348 0050238 / +39 339 3673061.

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