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Holidays on the French riviera
The perfect suitcase for the riviera

The French Riviera is the ideal destination for exclusive summer holidays. The crystal clear sea and the glamor of the Riviera made it a destination frequented by many international celebrities.
The perfect suitcase for the French Riviera is made of chic marinière garments, mixed with the latest trends. Just take the iconic Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin and Grace Kelly as examples of style to have a perfect French allure.

On the Riviera it is not allowed to give up on style even on the seashore: yes to the one-piece swimsuit or the high-waisted two-piece preferring plain colors, inspired by the divas of the 50s. The only patterns allowed are the beloved stripes or the classic vichy squares. The look is completed by flat leather sandals, large sunglasses and a straw hat or a super chic silk scarf. Do you want to give an extra touch? Replace the usual cover-up with an oversized white shirt with curled sleeves, perhaps stolen from him, absolutely unexpected. The bag is made of straw, and for fashion victims we recommend the straw basket, in Jane Birkin style.

For aperitif time the rule is always the same, essential and refined garments. The options range from more casual to more refined looks: a navy-style striped shirt combined with white high-waisted shorts to mix with ballerinas, as Brigitte Bardot wore, or wedge espadrilles. The scarf becomes a versatile accessory that is now worn around the neck or used as a hair accessory. The maxi dress in light fabric and linen to be worn with flat jeweled sandals is also super chic.

The evening is absolutely glamorous on the French Riviera: from elegant restaurants to the most famous night club that animate the night in the coast. A total white look is definitely an evergreen for summer nights, it will also be an excellent ally to bring out your tan.

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