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Historic villages: Apricale and Pigna
Two pearls from the Ligurian inland

The historic villages of Apricale and Pigna are located in the hinterland of Bordighera, a few kilometers from the Riviera di Ponente. Behind them, a breathtaking view: the Maritime Alps are the backdrop to these villages entirely built in stone.

Going up the river Nervia from the mouth, you will come across the hilly and mountainous area, dotted with medieval villages surrounded by nature and often perched on hills and mountains. Apricale and Pigna are among the main centers of the valley, unmissable places for those who want to know the deepest and most intriguing essence of the Ligurian territory.

Apricale is a small village perched on a hill surrounded by green olive trees on the border with France. Its name derives from Apricus which means sunny. The village originally developed around the main square of  Torracca and extends between a ups and downs of typical stone streets, the carruggi. Castello della Lucertola dominates the village, once the fortress of the town, today it is the seat of the Museums of the history of Apricale, which houses some finds of medieval origin. The carruggi of Apricale welcome you with art shops and restaurants where enjoying traditional Ligurian cuisine with its local products. Apricale is a land of Taggiasca olive which gives its oil a unique flavor. The dishes to taste are definitely the sardenaira, a kind of pizza cooked in the oven and covered with tomatoes and sardines and the creamed stockfish.

There are also numerous walks and treks that can be done to fully immerse yourself in the nature of the Ligurian hinterland.

In the Nervia upper valley we find another beautiful village perched on the hills, Pigna. The village offers suggestive views and walking in its narrow streets, perched by arches, will be like going back in time. At the top of the village is the Loggia della Piazza Vecchia from which you can admire the amazing landscape over the valley. Traditional cuisine is an expression of the cultivation of olives and sheep farming. Brigasca Sheep Toma and Pigna White Bean are both Slow Food Presidium. Finally, it is possible to relax at the Terme di Pigna, a few kilometers from the village.

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