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Exploring the hinterland of Imperia
48 hours surrounded by picturesque villages and breezy forests

The Imperia hinterland holds hidden treasures all waiting to be discovered. We are going to reveal four of them to you, just an hour away from The Mall Sanremo, perfect for an outing or an unconventional and Instagrammable weekend getaway.

Known as “the village of painted doors”. Made up of works by artists commissioned to breathe new life into the small village in 1994, wandering the narrow streets in search of these brightly colored masterpieces depicting a broad range of subjects is a lot of fun.  A full 158 of them are on display overall. And that’s not all, here art is also brought to life on their walls, in the form of large murals, such as the one located at the entrance to the village, which hark back to that which, for centuries, was its greatest source of wealth: oil, from which its name Valloria derives, from the Latin phrase Vallis Aurea, meaning “golden valley”.

A refreshing break immersed in nature, this oasis in the woods with its emerald green streams and ponds is really an ideal spot. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes: it usually takes a half-hour or so hike to reach them, though not a challenging one

It is listed as one of the FAI (the National Trust for Italy) sites and is known as “the town of hot air balloons”, due to its colorful murals depicting this subject and its ancient tradition of making paper hot air balloons, which take flight during the Our Lady of Mercy festival celebrated on the first Sunday of September.

Nestled on the banks of the Primo stream, the passage of time in this quaint Ligurian village seems to be marked by the gentle flow of water. The symbol of Dolcedo is its single-arched stone bridge built in the late 1200s by the Knights of Malta, a source attested by their distinctive cross carved on it. Another must see sight is the baroque Church of St. Thomas.

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