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Experience Mugello
What to see and do in this unique area just a few kilometres from Florence and The Mall Firenze

Scarperia, known as the ‘village of knives’. A typical Tuscan village, founded in 1306, with the beautiful Palazzo dei Vicari in the central square, which houses the Museo dei Ferri Taglienti (Museum of Cutting Tools) and Brunelleschi’s Clock Room, with its incredible machinery made in 1445 to run the clock in the tower.
Borgo San Lorenzo, birthplace of Monsignor Giovanni Della Casa, author of the first Galateo in Italian. Don’t miss the 10th-century Pieve di San Lorenzo, with its hexagonal-based bell tower and painting of the Madonna attributed to Giotto, and the Fornaci San Lorenzo, a ceramics factory founded in 1908 by Galileo Chini, to whose history a museum is dedicated in the 19th-century Villa Pecori Giraldi.
Vicchio was the birthplace of Giotto and Beato Angelico, whose legacy can be seen by visiting the Giotto House Museum and the Beato Angelico Museum of Sacred Art and Religious Life.
Firenzuola, the village of pietra serena, located on the Gothic Line that divided Italy in two during World War II. The large gateway to the heart of the village is picturesque, evidence of its fortified past.
Palazzuolo sul Senio, divided by the river into Borgo dell’Ore, the older of the two, and Borgo del Crocifisso, which takes its name from the square around which it is built. The Jewish ghetto, built around a courtyard surrounded by stone buildings, is particularly characteristic.

An ancient residence of the historic Pazzi family, who acquired the castle and surrounding land between the 12th and 14th centuries, today it is an important wine-growing and agritourism estate.

Not only because of the Mugello Circuit in Scarperia – one of the most beautiful circuits in the world, five kilometres of pure adrenaline, with historic bends such as the San Donato and the two Arrabbiate – but also because of the breathtaking roads that surround it and connect the passes most loved by motorcyclists, Futa, Raticosa and Giogo.

A large artificial basin, 31 metres deep and with a surface area of five kilometres, which offers relaxing and enjoyable breaks. It is also popular with sailing enthusiasts.

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