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Discovering Lucca
The City of 100 churches

Lucca ,“the City of 100 churches”, is an open air treasure in one of the most authentic parts of Tuscany. The thing that catches the eye right away is that the town is surrounded by 4 km of perfectly intact walls that allow long walks enjoying beautiful sunsets.

The protection of the walls has never served for a military purpose but rather to preserve its ancient core. From here it is possible to admire the interior of the city among its many churches, bell towers and noble palaces. The unique feature of the walls is that they host a tree-lined avenue on the top that allows you to enjoy the landscape surrounded by greenery.

The best way to visit Lucca is to walk through it in order not to lose the continuous alternation of alleys, churches, craft shops and pastry shops.

Each house, square and monument tell how much this city has had an important and powerful past, Lucca was in fact a land of bankers, artists and traders who have left their mark on their passage.

Looking up to the sky you will notice a continuous alternation of towers and bell towers, the most picturesque being Torre Guinigi at the top of which stands a centuries-old holm oak as a symbol of the rebirth of the city.

The most famous square is Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, so called because built on the remains of a Roman amphitheater, it is elliptical in shape and represents a point of relaxation for the city given the numerous cafés that surround it.

The appellation “city of 10 churches” has historical origins, over the centuries many places of worship have also been built by noble families who used to build private chapels inside their palaces.

Once the tour is over, don’t forget to stop at some patisserie to taste the famous “Buccellato”, a dessert considered “from another time” but which contains all the tradition of Lucca.

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