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Avignon in Provence
What to do, what to see

Alive, lively, vibrant, surprising, unusual and varied, Avignon is the most fascinating destination in Provence.

Avignon has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995 for its Historic Center, which includes the Palace of the Popes, the Episcopal complex, with the Notre Dame des Doms Cathedral and the Petit Palais Museum, the Bridge of Avignon and its ramparts, which constitute a magnificent and unique monumental complex.

Nine popes succeeded each other in Avignon. The Palace of the Popes, the main witness of their presence, is the symbol of the power of Christianity and of the temporal and spiritual power exercised by the Papacy at that time. Colossal fortress and sumptuous palace The Palace of the Popes, the largest Gothic palace is the most important heritage of the city. Right next to it, the bridge of Avignon, famous throughout the world for its song, is also a prestigious testimony of the past. The two monuments are part of a grandiose monumental complex classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. The Bridge of Avignon was 920 meters long and had 22 arches. Begun in the late 12th century, it remained a permanent site for several centuries. It was repeatedly damaged and rebuilt due to climate change, which altered the hydrological characteristics of the Rhone at the end of the Middle Ages. The reconstruction work ended in the seventeenth century. Currently only four arches remain.

Avignon is also famous for its theater festival, created in 1947 by Jean Vilar, which now attracts all the contemporary creation of the living spectacle in the summer. At his side, the “Off” festival, with over 1500 shows, transforms the city in July into an immense and cheerful stage. The city is also a place of excellence for gastronomy and wine tourism: starred chefs prepare traditional or innovative dishes to be enjoyed in charming restaurants; the general markets, the carré du palais invites you to discover the wines of the Côtes du Rhône, of which Avignon is the capital.

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