This winter’s hair
Freestyle… and natural

Colour, cut, fringe…. Are you ready to (not) turn heads again?

Yes, because fashions have changed and, after several years of brightly-coloured haircuts, the time has come for more sober styles, with a focus on glossy hair that’s well cared-for and healthy-looking.

The supremacy of the blonde appears to be over; although they’re not disappearing altogether, they’re now sharing the stage with other colours: brunettes first and foremost, and also coppery reds. But whatever the exact shade, there’s a clear shift towards warm tones with sun-kissed highlights and new techniques like babylights, giving very light, natural colour effects.

However, for those who prefer to defy nature, welcome back to 90s grunge hair, with dark roots and plenty of bleaching, but always with a gradually fading effect.

And what about styling? If you like it short, the bob is destined to become the most popular cut. But this year’s trend prefers extra long hair and a return to the blowout – also from the 90s – giving extra volume for layered or full hair. Fringes are an absolute must, but choose the most appropriate style to enhance your face shape and give a youthful look, although the coolest right now is straight and thick, softened in the eyebrow area.

And curls? Show them off, as we learned from Salma Hayek this autumn. But there are a few essential rules: for full, voluminous curly hair, you need a specific geometric cut that divides the hair into sections, with the strands cut differently. Styling is a crucial moment, and your hairdryer – the curly-haired woman’s best friend – needs to have a large round diffuser with a perforated grille and prongs. Last but not least, it’s essential to choose the right products: two ingredients worth trying are clay and spirulina algae.

(photo Rana Sawalha)

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