The Mall Luxury Outlets bring the magic of Christmas to Florence and Sanremo
The two luxury malls celebrate the holidays with fabulous lights and installations

In an atmosphere of pure enchantment, The Mall Luxury Outlets group ramps up the magic of Christmas with Xmas Factory at The Mall Firenze and The Mall Sanremo, the exclusive event on until 8 January, which welcomes visitors to a picturesque village studded with vintage-style lights and decorations.

In both luxury malls, the journey winds along the entire perimeter of the spaces adorned with large illuminated fir trees (blue in Sanremo and red in Florence), maxi snowballs and delightful decorated arches. Once over the threshold, visitors are catapulted into a veritable room of wonders where they can relax, have fun and wrap their purchases amidst Nutcrackers, glass balls, hot air balloon-gift holders and carousels.

For an unparalleled immersive, social experience, we find the Dream Room, an infinite, three-dimensional room with cascades of coloured balls, sequins and sound effects.

Christmas at The Mall Firenze captivates with the delicious flavours of the non-alcoholic fruit and cinnamon punch reserved for guests and the various activities designed for children at weekends. At the same time, on the Riviera dei Fiori, The Mall Sanremo opens the doors to the large terrace set up as a lounge area for a drink amid festive decorations and poufs. In both luxury malls, customers can take home personalized decorations for free, such as logoed baubles and small wooden trees to ornament their homes.

The Mall Luxury Outlets inaugurates the Christmas season to the rhythm of beauty, with unique settings and decorations, where you can breathe in all the magic and essence of the holidays

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