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The colors that enhance you
The most suitable palette for you

The choice of colors that enhance you the most and that are the beginning to create our outfits is never accidental. Each, thanks to its personal colors, can further illuminate the face and silhouette through a very precise choice of shades to wear that will begin in the study of one’s own skin undertone.

The nuances we wear physically interact with our skin undertone, and it is precisely this close relationship that depends on the right palette or the most penalizing one for us.

Armocromia is a system created at the beginning of the twentieth century by the Swiss artist Johannes Itten.

Observing nature, Itten has created four precise color categories, corresponding to the four seasons, divided in turn into subgroups that define more specifically the shades to be preferred in the construction of the look.

To be able to determine the season to which it belongs, it is first of all essential to know how to recognize one’s own value, that is, the color of the hair and the temperature, and therefore your skin undertone.

The spring palette is the most varied, both as a type of woman and as colors: the nuances that enhance range from beige / apricot to blue, but always warm and bright.

Summer women typically have delicate colors: they can be blonde, but also light brown. Pastel, powdery and mother of pearl shades are very suitable.

The autumn palette is also quite heterogeneous: it can go from blondes to reds through browns. What they have in common is the warm undertone and above all the medium-low intensity.

The winter season includes black-haired women with olive skin, but also those with lighter skin and gem eyes. Women with winter characteristics are enhanced by bold colors.

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