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The charm of winter flowers
Visit Sanremo to discover the latest flower trends and tips on how to add a touch of spring even to the coldest months

Not even the coldest weather can stop nature. Many beautiful flowers bloom in winter and can be used to create colourful bouquets to decorate your rooms or balconies and transform your home into a small floral paradise. One important characteristic of the flowers that bloom in this season, and one of the reasons for their charm is their strength which often allows them to live longer than spring flowers.

Jessica Tua, our guide to this fragrant world and Flower Designer of the City of Flowers knows it well. She created the bouquets presented to the artists of the Sanremo Music Festival and admired by the whole world. Just in time for the song, directly from behind the scenes, she selected the flowers and prepared the perfect bouquet for every outfit: making sure that they suited the artists’ garments, but also with colours that made the beautiful flowers of Sanremo stand out.

Flowers are the symbol of this city and the absolute protagonists of this event. First of all, buttercups in their manifold shades from the softest and palest colours to the most intense and lively—but not purple, a taboo colour in theatres! Then anemones, mimosa and broom which, even though they are white in nature, can have different shades thanks to a process of absorption of colours.

If you want to surprise your loved one, try a red buttercup or a bouquet of hellebores; also known as “winter roses”, these flowers are white but display a delicate green after opening. Not just the perfect gift for a woman but also for a man, as the latest trends require.

What about the flower design? As Jessica says, the era of complex bouquets with artificial elements, graphic and theatrical shapes is over. It is better to prepare a natural, soft and simple bouquet which almost resembles a bouquet of flowers freshly picked from the garden, but actually nothing is left to chance.

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