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Staying at home with style
How to dress at home but always trendy

Quarantine yes, but with style. Although this does not promise the best period of our life, do not give this historic moment the opportunity to neglect you.
If at first the idea of staying a few days at home from work was almost pleasant, over time it starts to weigh and the risk is to, literally, live in pajamas.
To live this quarantine well, one of the important things to do is to keep fit mentally and physically with an eye also on clothing.

Rule number 1: forbidden to neglect yourself!
Throw away the pajamas démodé, the old leggings and make room for the new homewear that will make you feel good about yourself and, we assure you, it will also be appreciated by those who live with you.
Here are some factors to consider when choosing the perfect home clothing.

Rule number 2, the password is “confort” therefore: soft, warm clothing with a particular attention to natural fibers.
Another little secret is that of “dressing in layers” in order to modulate clothing according to the temperature of the house at different times of the day.

But let’s go into detail of what are the clothes to have in this period,
among our favorites there are certainly:
– knitted suits with flared or palazzo pants and side vents, as comfortable as they are fashion;
– the coordinated suits in solid color or with colored details such as patches and pins, also these with wide trousers or with the rib on the bottom;
– warm pullovers, a real joker to put on or take off over lighter clothing or perhaps opt for an oversized model to wear with leggings.

With these tips you are officially ready to live a quarantine in the name of style. Yes, even at home!

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