Sanremo Festival 2023
From 7 to 11 February on Italy’s most famous and scented stage

The 2023 edition promises to be the most “social” in history! Influencer Chiara Ferragni will be on the stage of the Ariston Theatre alongside Amadeus (hosting the Festival again this year) during the opening and closing evenings on 7 and 11 February. Guests (among the few already announced) will include rapper Salmo, who, unlike in 2020, did not decline the invitation, and will perform on board the Costa Smeralda cruise ship.

Among other co-hosts announced are Gianni Morandi – appearing at Sanremo for the first time in this role – and Francesca Fagnani, presenter of Belve.

While the number of “super guests” – as Amadeus calls the big names – remains unvaried at 22, the “giovani or young artists category, has increased to 6, making a total of 28 songs! What does that mean?  5 days of after parties.

Looking at the names of the contestants, everyone had the same thought – it’s the year of the great return to the 90s, with a lot of highly anticipated reunions, namely Paola and Chiara and Article 31. Alongside them, the great returns of Anna Oxa, Gianluca Grignani and Giorgia, and the Cugini di campagna “debut” on the Sanremo stage.

Then there will be a number of Ariston favourites – some more veteran than the other – such as Marco Mengoni, ten years after his victory, Colapesce Dimartino, Levante, Elodie, La Representante di Lista, Ultimo, Coma Cose, Modà and, (hopefully this time) last but not least, Tananai.

New entries include LDA, former participant in Amici, Leo Gassmann, among the Bigs for the first time, Mara Sattei, Mr. Rain, Rosa Chemical, on stage for a duet with Tananai in 2022, and Ariete.

Also back is the very popular FantaSanremo, which you can take part in from 27 December to 6 February. But who will win Sanremo 2023, regardless of web sentiment, you can only find out by experiencing it!

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