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Momu, fashion Museum in Antwerp
A fashion experience

MoMu in Antwerp houses the largest collection of contemporary Belgian fashion in the world and stands out with its immersive fashion exhibitions.

In 2002 MoMu presented its first exhibition in the historical Modenatie building on the Nationalestraat. Since then, MoMu has presented two temporary exhibitions every year. Smaller exhibitions and installations are presented in the gallery on the ground floor. MoMu exhibitions are characterised by their immersive scenography. As a visitor, you not only see the exhibits, you are also immersed in the world of the designer or the theme. The exhibition space is completely transformed for every exhibition, making each visit a unique experience.A MoMu exhibition contains both exhibits from the MoMu collection and objects from the collections or renowned institutions, fashion houses and collectors around the world. Pieces from the MoMu collection also travel worldwide to be presented in international exhibitions.

The collection consists of clothing, accessories, and textiles, as well as more unexpected pieces such as tools, machines for textile production, patterns, and fashion show invitations. The collection grows every year through acquisitions, loans, and numerous donations, and now consists of over 33,000 pieces. This makes the MoMu collection the largest and most important collection of contemporary Belgian fashion in the world. The museum continually receives international loan requests for pieces from its designer collection. In addition to the fashion and costume collection, the museum also houses a vast library collection. The MoMu library is an academic library for historical and contemporary fashion, textiles, and ethnic costume. With over 15,000 books, an archive full of valuable reference works, hundreds of contemporary and historical magazines, and a fast-growing digital database of images, the MoMu library is one of the top in its field worldwide.

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