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Karl Lagerfeld legend
A tribute to a master

Karl Lagerfeld, the legendary master who recently passed away on February 19, left an indelible mark thanks also to his precious collaborations.

An international icon of fashion, Karl Lagerfeld, called “the Kaiser of fashion” has always stood out for his innovative and contemporary approach, a source of inspiration for all new generations of designers. An enigmatic character, German and then French, with an original vision on contemporary fashion and culture.

In addition to being the creative director of the brand that bears his name, Lagerfeld has also supervised the creative direction of Fendi. His talent has crossed the boundaries of fashion, linking art into photography, his great passion.”The bond between Karl Lagerfeld and FENDI is the longest love story in fashion, which will continue to touch our lives for years to come. I am deeply saddened by his disappearance and extremely moved by his dedication and perseverance. A few days before the fashion show, his only thoughts were dedicated to the wealth and beauty of the last Fendi collection. It is a true voice of his personality. I will miss him so much”. Silvia Fendi spoke in this way the day after his disappearance and a few days before the presentation of the latest collection created by Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi. A 54-year partnership, a long-lasting creative collaboration that has no examples in the fashion world and honored by its latest collection.

His eccentric, ironic and politically incorrect sentences have become famous.«The real luxury? Intelligence “” My greatest luxury is not having to justify myself with anyone “” Think pink, but don’t wear it “, just to name a few. Karl Lagerlfeld, who died at the age of 85, was one of the greatest player of this century’s fashion and his death leaves an immense blank space.

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