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Floral, geometric, ethnic and animal prints
Iconic patterns in fashion

The success of many brands is also dictated by patterns and prints that have become real fashion icons in and of themselves. Signs, graphic motifs and logos embody the identity and style of a brand or of a collection. Let’s take a look at some of the patterns that have made the history of fashion.


The double F is one of the most recognizable patterns in the world, and was recently relaunched by the fashion house. Graphic designer Hey Reilly has revived the iconic F while launching the Fendi Mania collection, exclusively focusing on the logo.


Tartan is the pattern that has accompanied the history of this English brand, from the mid-19th century to this day. In 2018 designer Riccardo Tisci arrived at the helm of the brand, introducing a new logo designed with Peter Saville, a well-known graphic designer of some of the most popular album covers in history, including New Order and Joy Divison. New logo, new pattern. A red-and-white monogramme with an intertwined T and B, standing for the initials of Thomas Burberry, the brand’s founder.


One of the most elegant motifs, the four crossed Gs by Gyvenchy are placed side by side, forming squares that are repeated as allover patterns on accessories and scarves. In 2016 Riccardo Tisci redesigned this motif by matching it with other graphic elements such as stars, chains and heads of Dobermann dogs.

Emilio Pucci

This historic Florentine brand found its place in the world thanks to the iconic prints designed by the Marquis himself. Emilio Pucci with his flashy, colourful and imaginative silk prints won over the public. His optical, psychedelic and geometric designs alternate with floral, marine-inspired art and abstract representations of cities and monuments (such as the Florence Baptistery).


A signature pattern has always featured on Coach accessories, as a simple motif with the geometrically repeated brand logo. Every collection is a legacy to this American brand with a modern touch.

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