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Ex Manifattura Tabacchi in Florence
The former Tobacco Manufacturer is a centre to itself

Florence is now enriched by a new venue, borne of an ambitious project and transforming over 100.000 square metres of the city’s landscape: Manifattura Tabacchi

This innovative refurbishing project has turned a former disused area into a connected and sustainable centre open to all, where training, culture, tourism and contemporary crafts become new opportunities for the city.
The crucial element of the project is the new multi-purpose covered square which is the heart of the Manufacture. It is located at the centre of the complex and is fitted with a transparent and non-invasive covering, which allows you to use it year-round. On the ground floor, the food hall has been set up as a large market, with cafés and restaurants where food is a key element of culture and socialising: around it, small shops have been selected for their uniqueness, while other areas host temporary events and exhibitions. On the upper floors, informal and open work environments have been developed for co-working and meetings, so as to facilitate interaction with people working inside the buildings.

Around this central space is a new district made of squares, streets and buildings with various purposes: flat-sharing, hospitality, private residences, a theatre and a brewery. The master plan gives a primary role to craftsmanship, interpreted under a contemporary and technological perspective. In this view, the project dedicates ample space to high-quality laboratories and artists’ studios, with both production and sales.

The Manifattura Tabacchi will be open to the city 365 days a year, providing a hot spot in the city centre itself, without walls or gates, easy to reach with the new tramway line and alternative means of transport.

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