A capsule wardrobe is an essential wardrobe made up of garments that never go out of style. A way of dressing and organizing clothes that will make life easier for those who never know what to wear.

The capsule wardrobe philosophy was born in the 70s from an idea by Suxie Faux, owner of a London boutique. Her idea was to have a wardrobe consisting of a few items which, combined together, create an infinite number of outfits.

But what is the number of items that our minimal wardrobe must have? Many people say 37, others claim that just a blazer, a skirt, a sheath dress, elegant trousers, jeans, a top and some thin sweaters are enough. Everything lies in the quality of the garments, in the versatility and above all in your own style.

In fact, in a wardrobe there can be multiple capsule wardrobes for multiple different occasions. The cross pieces, dictated by the seasonal trends, allow you to customize the wardrobe according to your personal style.

So what are the rules to identify the must-have items of a capsule wardrobe?

Surely one must be aware of your own physicality and understand which garments suits you the best: identifying the shape of our body is fundamental. For example, women with apple-shaped bodies should focus on the legs: go-ahead for short dresses and clothes with a high waist, not too tight.

Then, identifying the colors that most enhance your complexion, the color analysis helps us understand what they are. To the basic colors, such as black, gray, white and blue, we recommend combining the bright colors to accentuate and give character to your style.

Choose classic cuts and quality fabrics. Focus on those key pieces, easy to coordinate, that will never go out of style.

The winning point of the capsule wardrobe is its versatility. The awareness of having evergreen in our wardrobe on which we can always rely and from which to start to create our style.