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Art and fashion
Iconic collections

Art and fashion have always been contaminated, giving rise to very important collaborations that have become part of history. The twentieth century is full of these ever more indissoluble pairs: fashion has expressed itself thanks to art with greater freedom while the art world has been able to reach an even wider audience.

Salvador Dalì has met fashion thanks to Elsa Schiapparelli. In 1935 they are celebrated together for the first time, from the very first collaboration for a newspaper, to the bottle of the Schiaparelli perfume “Le Rois Soleil” designed by Dalì. The Spanish artist also owes the iconic “Lobster” print that can be found on evening dresses and a bag handle. The dress with drawers, which recalls the Venus sculpture with the drawers of 1936 by Dalì, is another example of this successful collaboration. Mondrian in 1965 thanks to Yves Saint Laurent brought his vision literally to the bodies of thousands of women around the world. And Saint Laurent, thanks to the Danish painter’s art, has created one of his most famous clothes. How can we not mention the passion of Gianni Versace for pop art, with the silk-screened dress with prints by Andy Warhol by Marilyn Monroe or the shirts with the abstract geometric sketches by Basquiat?
Gucci highlighted how vital the power of street art is today thanks to Trevor Andrew (known as “Gucci Ghost”) who covers the garments of the collections with graffiti.
After the success of other collaborations including the one with the American cartoonist Gary Baseman, More recent formation, Coach continued with a pull of artists based in China, called to revisit Rexy, the beloved dinosaur. Sui Jianguo’s T-Rex sculpture has been redesigned to create a distorted photographic print. The Yeti Out music collective has incorporated Rexy into their logo. Zhu Jingyi jokingly re-contextualized the brand’s mascot into an authentic ink drawing and graphic artist Guang Yu reinterpreted Rexy in a hand-drawn graffiti print.

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