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Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique Cannes 2024
Italy will also be competing this year. Are you ready to be amazed?

In July and August, Cannes becomes even more dazzling with the Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique, a breath-taking show that every summer for more than 50 years (this year on (4, 14 and 22 July and 7, 15 and 24 August), has been lighting up the sky of one of the French Riviera’s most iconic, glamorous towns, just an hour and a half from The Mall Sanremo.

Not only an incredible show that brings hundreds of thousands of spectators to the famous Croisette every year, but also a competition, the most prestigious in the world, featuring original soundtracks and colours, impeccably orchestrated with the sole aim of amazing. Six evenings during which Cannes will shine brighter than the stars.

Six is also the number of companies competing with their pyrotechnic-musical shows to win the coveted Gold Vestal. The “battleground” consists of floating barges anchored off 500 metres of waterfront on the beautiful Bay of Cannes, with the Mediterranean Sea in the background.

Teams this year come from Spain, Belgium, England, Canada, China, the birthplace of this ancient art, and also Italy, which will be competing on 22 July with Giuliani Fireworks, a 5th generation company from the Lazio region, who display entitled Carpe diem is an invitation to seize the day, because the future doesn’t begin tomorrow, but at this very moment.

Innovation, aesthetic richness, staging, synchronization and rhythm are the criteria the jury will be judging,  while spectators will have the opportunity to vote for the Audience Award.

(ph. Eric Dervaux, Thierry Mouchet/Palais des Festivals)

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