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Fashion reinvents itself and becomes digital
New post Covid-19 scenarios

The health emergency has also caused changes in fashion, in fact, if digital platforms have already been created where brands can preview their trends, these will be the channels mainly used for fashion shows.

The dress rehearsals were held in July with the Milan Digital Fashion Week: an online calendar of events, including backstage, film and video halfway between real and multimedia. A valid response to social distancing and the difficulty of traveling imposed by the world health situation, but also a dynamic solution to the complexities of the present. A functional and creative tool designed to live a life of its own or to support the appointment with physical fashion shows, when it will be possible to return to the fullness of live shows, which remain fundamental in promoting the enormous productive and artistic value of Made in Italy.

From 22 to 28 September Milan Fashion Week was Phygital with 28 physical fashion shows and 24 digital contents on the calendar. The aim is to allow each company and designer to present themselves in the way that best suits their storytelling needs. The MILANO DIGITAL FASHION WEEK platform is therefore to be added to the favorites bar to review all the fashion shows.

Paris is also moving in the same direction, fashion week takes place from 28 September to 6 October, with a mixed program of real and digital events. The PARIS FASHON WEEK ONLINE platform, already successfully tested for the July fashion shows, is once again the protagonist this fall.

The sensation you breathe is that of change that does not seem to stop but rather provides new ideas for communication every day. Covid-19 has led to a reflection on the times of the fashion system and creativity, in fact many brands have decided to slow down the pace imposed by the fashion business in the name of respecting their artistic needs.

Once again fashion shows that, with its talent, it is able to reinvent itself and create unexpected scenarios.

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